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The Microcon EU co-organizers are releasing a movie on the event.

After the very successful first MicroCon Europe 2023 conference in Ypres, Belgium. Co-hosted by The Royal Republic of Ladonia and the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis. The aftermovie short film has been released! But that's not the only news, as has the premiere to announce that there has been formed an European MicroCon Committee.

Read more about both items below the picture.

HRH Grand Duke Nicholas of Flandrensis and HE Duke Yvan Bertjens , Ladonia Minister of Foreign affairs. Co-organizers of Microcon EU 2023

The conference was recorded by videographers Kenny Simons and Kristel Goddevriendt, owners of the Belgian company Red Trigger Media.

In cooperation with Élise Traboulsy, Olivier La Combe and Flavien Caron from the Micronation the Archipel Coconut who were kind enough to record the speakers of the conference.

The Directing and Editing were completely done by Host MFA Duke Bertjens Yvan of The Royal Republic of Ladonia. We spoke with Yvan about the directing and editing of the Aftermovie Short Film.

" As it is the first MicroCon Aftermovie Short Film I wanted to make sure that every aspect of a MicroCon conference was included.To have a nice remembrance for all the attendees, to give people a bit of an inside look into the full conference to decide if they want to attend in the future as well as a reference for the press. Doing so by using the organisational and filmography experience that I've gained over the years.

The main elements that form MicroCon are not just only the conference, but also the informal meetings and joint activities before and after. Although there was a different approach culturally for the European MicroCon, Niels and I feel that we were able to create something unique for those who attended.

HSH Prince Jean-Pierre IV of Aigues-Mortes discussing with the French team who recorded the presentations

For example, while the American version has an official gala dinner in Europe we went for the Bourgondic style relaxing dinner. We didn't have the Newman games but visited the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate together and had a diplomatic meeting shortly before the evening dinner. So it isn't only the conference with its presentations, but all the fun around it as well. From the first moment you meet up, have a drink and dinner together. To the conference day, and the tourism activities as well.

I created a bit of a script in my head in advance of the conference while preparing everything together with Niels. That would represent everything that happened sometimes weeks before and after the conference weekend.

You can divide the short film into different parts: The intro, where everybody gets a first glimpse of the hosts and the micronations that attended. Then the conference arrives where people enter the venue, set up their display table and where some people meet for the first time, have a chat and a drink together. That is followed by a showing of all the table displays, as it can be interesting to see how they look, and how they were set up. And get more details on the attendees as well.

After that it's time to start the conference. Where, if someone who doesn't have any clue about micronalism watches it gets a good idea and understanding on what a Micronation is, what we do and how we run things from our point of view. In all our uniqueness, fun and respect for each other. To show that you CAN make a difference if you want to achieve something and go for it for 1000%. Be it for the climate, equal rights, freedom of speech, LGBTQ+ rights, etc. whatever you like to work for. And all the friends and benefits that come along with it.

When the conference was over, everyone went shortly to their hotel to freshen up and dress up for the diplomatic meeting. To then create all those photograph moments just before we had the Bourgondic dinner.

We then switch to the enjoyable moments after making the traditional group picture in a sort of powerpoint overview for every day. These pictures were provided by all the attendees so I was able to create something with the help of everyone for this part. I couldn't include all the fun pictures because some things that happen at MicroCon stay at MicroCon. But to give you a tip, there was a fun fair happening during that weekend so you can fill in those blancs.

Our special guest was a delegation of the website MicroWiki that we gave the opportunity to speak about their project so they deserved a spot in the short film as well.

And of course, you end with the credits to thank everyone because without those people, there wouldn't be a MicroCon in the first place."

Another MicroCon Committee for EU

One thing that viewers might notice is that in the credits it is mentioned that this was a cooperation between the MicroCon USA Committee (MUSAC) and the MicroCon European Committee (MEC). Because after the EU conference the question was brought up to the American committee if this would be a one time only conference in Europe or not. It was a unanimous agreement that a European Committee could be formed to expand the MicroCon brand and be able to help out locally with the organisation of a next European conference.

As there are cultural, financial and other differences like timezones between the continents.

But also taken into account are the other large events that take place in Europe like the 2 yearly meeting of L'Organisation de la micro francophonie (OMF), The Micro Euro Summit (MES), the Golden Bucket Ball at Aigues-Mortes etc. besides all the Micronational happenings like a Coronation or a special Celebration.

And here at we can give you the details of the members of the newly formed Micronation European Committee (MEC)!

The first member is Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ladonia Duke Bertjens Yvan.

Yvan started his micronational career in 2016 as a Citizen and Ambassador of Ladonia in Belgium. After a proven path of actions he became Minister of Foreign Affairs. And when Queen Carolyn of Ladonia was preparing her bid for hosting MicroCon USA he requested to add a part for a European bid as well. Using his experience with human resources, organizing events and his drive for efficiency and perfection he knew this could work. Once the American Committee gave their approval, he asked if Nicholas (Niels) from Flandrensis wanted to co-host with him. And the rest is MicroCon history.

The Second member is the other host of MicroCon EU Grand Duke Nicholas Vermeersch from the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis. As co-host of MicroCon EU, Nicholas is the second member. He started Flandrensis in 2008 as a temporary hobby without any long term intention, but the project quickly developed into an environmental project and in 2022 Nicholas was awarded with the Emperor Norton Award at MicroCon Las Vegas. He is one of the first who introduced the concept of environmental micronationalism, using micronationalism to raise awareness for climate change. Due to this unique concept Nicholas and his micronation receives attention from media and academics in publication on micronationalism. He is a frequent guest and speaker at micronational meetings and international conferences, so he didn't hesitate when Yvan proposed to him.

A third member chosen for its experience

Micronational guests at the Godet d'or in Aigues-Mortes

The Third starting member might not be a real surprise to everyone, but it's ... Of the Principality of Aigues-Mortes. The micronation is well-known for its Micronational Godet d'Or (

Golden bucket) gala and it was the first to organize the MicroFrancophonie summit in 2016.

Behind the scenes the European Committee is working hard to start up everything. And as soon as they can they will announce in which year the new edition will be organized! Taking into account that there are a few conferences in Europe that we don't want to interfere with. And grow together towards a decent micronational agenda. So everyone will have the chance financially to visit multiple conferences. As soon as there is more news will post about it!

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