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COA Duckionary.png
Arthur Constantin
de Tourneau
Fonction Chef d'état
Position   Head of State
Son Altesse Royale
His Royal Highness
Archiduc de Duckionary
Duc de Panagua
Duc d'Arcanus
Sultan du Smolkanistan

Comte Princier du Biberland
Comte de Sandfield
Comte de  Kozel
Comte de Lipinsula

Archduke of Duckionary
Duke of Panagua
Duke of Arcanus
Sultan of Smolkanistan

Princely count of Biberland
Count of Sandfield
Count of Kozel
Count of Lipinsula

Décorations Honorifiques / Honorary Decoration

Grand Master of the Order of Knights of Duckionary
General for the Order of the Golden Cockatoo
Order of the civic association
Order of the Peace Duck
Order of the Royal Navy
Grand Cordon of the Foxtail Orchid ( Vishwamitra)
Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the Sparrow ( Atlia )
Medal for participation at Digi  Micro Summit ( Sancratosia )
Order of the Polar Cross  ( Westarctica )
Knight in the Order of the Melting Mountain ( Flandrensis )
Racoon of Friendship Award ( Slowjamastan )
Molossia Medal of Statesmanship ( Molossia )
Participation Medal MicroCon EU 2023 
Diplomatic Service Medal ( Ladonia )
Citation of the Dragon ( Dracul )
Knight of the most illustrious Order of the sleeping dragon ( Obscurium )
Commander of the most dancing dragons ( Obscurium )
Recipient of the obscure friendship medal ( Obscurium )
Recipient of the Medal of the obelisk ( Obscurium )
Recipient of the medal of the Golden dragon 
Great inspirer of the order of inspiration ( Slitronia )
Captain of the order of Inspiration (Slitronia )
Recipient of the Silver Garlic Clove ( Uzupis)
Honorary Postmaster of the Federated Micronations of Musania and the Postmaster's button ( Musania )
Ultra-Richtig-Krasse und nützliche diplomatische Ehrung (Edristan )
Grand Cordon of the most eminent order of the foxtail orchid ( Vishwamitra )
Recipient of the National Service Medal 

Recipient of the Civil Service Medal 
Recipient of the Commemorative medal of the 1st 
anniversary of the Vishwamitra monarchy ( Vishwamitra )
Recipient of the Commemorative medal of the Crystal Jubilee of the foundation of Vishwamitra ( Vishwamitra )
recipient of the Commemorative medal of the 21st birthday of Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy ( Vishwamitra )


Fonctions occupées dans des organisations micronationales 

Positions held in micronational organizations


Co-organisateur du Euro-Micro-Summit 2022

Co-organizer of the 2022 Euro-Micro-Summit

Co-organisateur du Euro-Micro-Summit 2023

Co-organizer of the 2023 Euro-Micro-Summit

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