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MicroCon 2022 in preparation.

Dernière mise à jour : 10 mars 2022

What does it take to prepare a big micronational events ? As the next host of MicroCon 2022, Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica tells us all about it.

Some of the attending Heads of States posing at MicroCon 2019 in Hamilton, Canada.

MicroCon has become one of the most important inter-micronational events. Every two years, the most publicized micronations of Europe and North America meet on this occasion which is the only one today to bring together the greatest micronational leaders of the two continents.

What made this conference so important today? To understand this, we have to go back to 2015, the year in which the Polination conference in Europe held its last edition. It was then that the European micronations began to cross the Atlantic to meet their American friends.

Today, MicroCon has become a veritable meeting place benefiting from incomparable media coverage in the world of micronations. After Molossia, Ruritania and Slabovia, it is the turn of the Grand Duchy of Westarctica to organize this major event.

What are the stakes of such an event? How is it organised?

We interviewed Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica, host of the next edition of Microcon which will take place on August 6 and 7 this year in Las Vegas

HRH Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica

What does it take to build up such an event like Microcon?

I'm very fortunate because MicroCon has an established reputation as a world-class event for micronationalists, so the prestige of the event really is the big draw for people to come and meet their fellow micronationalists. The organizing committee has put together a press release, which has helped in getting media coverage in the past. MicroCon 2015 was featured in many newspapers and magazines and brought a lot of attention to the micronational community.

How did you dispatch tasks with how many people to conduct all the logistics required?

Hosting MicroCon is a very big commitment. Our organizing committee spent several months contacting potential venues and getting quotes from them before finally selecting a location and signing the contract. Right now, our committee is only two people, but as we get closer to the weekend of the event, we have a small staff of volunteers who will assist in setting up the conference space and making sure all attendees are looked after.

How does it get financed and sponsored?

As with previous years, the cost of MicroCon is covered by selling tickets to the event. We have a four-day event with lots of food and drinks, so although the ticket price is higher than previous years, it's still quite reasonable considering all the activities that are included.

What do you find mostly exciting with all this preparation?

I have attended every MicroCon since the first one was organized by President Kevin Baugh of Molossia in 2015, and the events continue to get better each year. It's very exciting for me to finally be a part of the decision making process, but I'm also careful to do a good job and make a positive contribution to the MicroCon legacy.

What are your goals and expectations for this Microcon?

My expectation is for this to be the biggest MicroCon ever. Our last event, in 2019, had 103 attendees, which was double that of the previous year. Las Vegas is an international tourist destination, so there is a lot for attendees to do while before and after the event.

Any confirmed logo of the event? Confirmed speakers and topics yet?

Yes, we are pleased to reveal our logo here. We have not yet confirmed our list of speakers or topics. One change from previous years is inviting a celebrity to MicroCon to give a keynote address, although we haven't finished negotiations yet, we're hoping to have someone relatively famous here to give a speech.

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