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MicroCon 2022: An edition rich in novelties!

Microcon 2022 closed in Las Vegas confirming its position as the largest micronational event in the world.

Official photo of the MicroCon 2023 which took place in Las Vegas

The conference had been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and this additional year of waiting only reinforced the pleasure of the participants to finally meet again. MicroCon has become over time a very convivial moment where micronationalists get together like a family does at Christmas or Thanksgiving. The spirit of camaraderie is real and includes newcomers with kindness and interest.

But the largest micronational event in the world is not so global since on the whole, it was mainly North American micronationalists who met, apart from Prince Jean-Pierre IV d'Aigues-Mortes and Madame Sandra Petermann from the Institute of Geography at the University of Mainz, who were the only ones able to make the trip from Europe.

President Kevin Baugh of Molossia, Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica and Prince Jean-Pierre IV of Aigues--Mortes.

But that should finally change, because the event will be co-organized for its next edition in 2023 by two micronations with a capacity for action in North America and Europe. And yes ! First good news: Flandrensis and Ladonia will host the event next year with a double program that will bring together micronationalists in Chicago from June 30 to July 2, 2023 and in Ypres (Belgium), from August 11 to 13, 2023. For the first time in its history, the MicroCon will also take place in Europe, opening the possibility for European micronations to participate and meet to build friendships. A Facebook group for MicroCon 2023 is already in place to inform future attendants.

This year's edition in Las Vegas was organized by the Grand Duchy of Westarctica, which has preserved the family spirit of the event. Grand Duke Travis opened the conference with a unifying speech laced with good humor. His speech was mainly oriented on inspiration before giving the floor to the speakers.

Her Majesty Queen Carolyn of Ladonia during her speech at MicroCon 2022

Queen Carolyn of Ladonia gave a methodical presentation on the subject of succession. This is a subject that represents a real source of concern for a large number of micronations. This presentation was therefore eagerly awaited. It has proven to be useful and realistic for most listeners who wish to prepare for the sustainability of their micronation.

The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis made a big impression with its factual and educational presentation on climate change. It was Honorary Consul Georganna Gould Gore who had the honor of presenting it. This choice of spokesperson was all the more symbolic and strong, because Madam Honorary Consul is also a farmer by profession. It is above all the first time that a micronation has allowed one of its citizens to express themselves who is not a first-class official. In this, the Grand Duchy stands out by highlighting its citizens and their skills to defend its values ​​and inform about its mission.

Another remarkable intervention, that of the thunderous Sultan of Slowjamastan, head of the most promising emerging micronation of the year 2022. A speech assured with a real talent as a speaker that the Sultan holds from his great experience in radio animation. This quirky and very funny presentation was a great success with the public present.

Of course, the Gala evening allowed the exchange of decorations and rewards between the guests. It was the first time that personalities were honored by the Micronational Hall of Excellence. For this first year, the honorary institution has brought 8 eminent micronationalists into its Pantheon. Grand Duke Nicholas of Flandrensis, Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica and President Kevin Baugh of Molossia to start. They are joined by 5 other post-mortem laureates, including Emperor Norton, Prince Leonard of Hutt River, Minister of State Lars Vilks of Ladonia, President Gabrielle Porchet of Saugeais and Prince Roy of Sealand.

It is therefore under the sign of novelty that this edition of MicroCon in Las Vegas ended. The event was a real success for the team of the Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica who can congratulate for having offered such a beautiful meeting to his guests. See you in 2023 in Chicago (USA) and Ypres (Belgium)!

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