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Welcome to Slowjamastan

North America's newest micronation got off to a very promising start with the inauguration of its Independence Square. Its Sultan granted us an interview.

His Excellency, Sultan Randy Williams, founder of Slowjamastan

The Slowjamastan was born on August 18, 2021 in the Southern California desert near San Diego. Its founding Sultan is Randy Williams, a national radio personality who has put his experience in communication to the benefit of his project.

Very few micronations begin their history with so many means of communication and such well-established marketing. From its birth, Slowjamastan was able to deploy a range of promotional products associated with aesthetic and effective visual communication. Giant signage, flags, T-shirts and propaganda posters accompany photos recalling the spirit of Léo Delafontaine. So here we are before a new "big babby" of the micro World. Slowjamastan reveals great ways to attract and seduce its future citizens and make people talk about it.

Now on what purpose all this is done for ? What type of micronation will Slowjamastan become? We asked Sultan Williams a few questions to find out.

Slowjamastan being a Republic, why is there a Sultan (who normally rules a Sultanate) and not a President at his head ?

Great question. Some days we are a true Republic: We pass the hat around, ask for ideas and suggestions...sometimes let the people vote on things. But most of the time we are a Dictatorship. We like to think of our political system as fluid and ever-changing. Also, "Sultan" just sounds much cooler than "President," don't ya think?

Many compares Slowjamastan with Molossia and Calsahara. In what way does Slowjamastan bring something different ?

We love most all other micronations, because almost all of them bring something different. Their leaders are usually charismatic, creative and even a little nuts (like me) - they are some of the best humans on earth, actually. I've never heard us compared to the aforementioned nations, but I certainly would take that as a compliment, as I admire both Molossia and Calsahara grealtly.

Some of Slowjamastan's greatest assets are its people. Our doors are wide open for citizenship and we boast members from all over the world - from India to Zimbabwe; from Hungary to Australia. It's the people that really make Slowjamastan the greatest micronation on earth.

I am also proud of all of our tools that bring the country to life: From real passports, to special currency, to diplomatic license plates, and much more - we are more than just a website and and a piece of dirt. Citizens and fans can truly be a part of and "touch" our country - they can participate in many different ways, wherever they live and whether they actually step foot on our land or not,

Finally, our territory itself is beyond beautiful. It's over 11 acres of gorgeous desert land, with beautiful mountain backdrops and The Sultan Sea just feet away. I think we've done a good job building our infrastructure, which includes an official border checkpoint and gate and "Independence Square," with a monument and flag. We've built up, yet respected the raw nature of Slowjamastan at the same time. I believe man and nature can coexist and Slowjamastan is a prime example.

Why did you decide to create Slowjamastan ? What is the idea behind ?

I'm on a mission to visit every country in the world - all 193 of them, and I'm just about done ( I've visited 175 to date ). Just about the rest of the 18 nations I have remaining are still closed due to The Corona virus. So in short: "I ran out of countries - so I created my own!"

How is people in the county of Imperial reacting so far ? What is it you hear the most from them ?

I was pleasantly surprised by how many people in the area have attached themselves to Slowjamastan. I wasn't sure what kind of reception we'd receive, but am overjoyed on how positive the nearby locals are about it all. They have really engaged! We recently had an event inside the borders of Slowjamastan and I was shocked to welcome under 10,000 visitors! Most of our neighbors tell us they love that we've brought something new and exciting to the desert.

What are the next steps?

The opportunities are endless. We have so much more in store, but most of our plans are closely guarded secrets. There have been talks of a water park, an armadillo farm, and frozen yogurt bar. Please subscribe to our official newsletter, The Sultan Sun®, and you'll be the first to know when we roll out of next piece of greatness!

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