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Soon a film on Seborga?

The project is already attracting interest from producers in the international film industry.

The village of Seborga, the most famous micronation in Italy in search of its independence.

The idea is to create a film based on the trilogy of novels by James Vasey, an English writer who has had a second home in Seborga for eight years. Taking advantage of the proximity of the Cannes Film Festival, he recently invited a delegation of film producers to Seborga to meet Princess Mina and discover the beauty of the principality.

Princess Nina Menegatto, who has worked quietly to promote and facilitate this project, expressed her enthusiasm: "This project would give extraordinary visibility to Seborga and would offer wonderful publicity for our village and the surrounding areas. 'Cookingupacountrythemovie' is a charming story which will bring a welcome smile to a world saturated with bad news.

The delegation of international film producers was warmly welcomed by Princess Nina in Seborga during their visit. They had the opportunity to meet James Vasey, the English writer, and had the opportunity to discover the charms of the principality. This meeting strengthened the links between the participants and made it possible to consider the promising prospects of the project.

HSH Princess Mina of Seborga

Interestingly, this isn't the first time a micronation in Italy has garnered attention for a film project. Netflix, for example, has already produced a film called "The Island of the Rose" in 2020, highlighting the fascinating history of another Italian micronation. Thus, the film project in Seborga is part of this line of promoting Italian micronations through cinema.

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