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Dewayne Corbett is no more

Dernière mise à jour : 21 janv. 2022

The "Lord Imperator" of the Imperium Dewaco Estate breathed his last. His death was announced two days ago in micronationalist groups on social networks.

Dewayne Corbett, late ruler of the Imperium Dewaco Estate

Two days ago, micronationalism lost one of its pioneers in the United States. Dewayne Corbett founded his micronation in 2002 in the state of Missouri. He also created and managed the "Micro Mirror" group on Facebook, bringing together enthusiasts of micronationalism.

Dewayne Corbett was a rather quiet man and a big rodeo fan. He was also a man full of paradoxes. Very active in the micronationalist sphere, he had created his discussion group while remaining on the fringes of that of the other pioneers. He founded his Imporium with symbols inspired by formerly totalitarian nations, yet he kept a status of Chairman that he preferred to that of Emperor. Far from being a dictator at heart, he had built his micronation with the concern of making it a land of tolerance and respect. Dewayne Corbett was also a micronationalist to make friendly encounters with people from all walks of life and to live his passion.

Either way, Dewayne was a true freedom fighter with genuine sympathy for the marginalized and minority people. He hated rejection to the point of being able to support people diametrically opposed to who he was. He wanted his group "Micro Mirror" to be open to all and welcoming. He shared the administration with Stan Vaughan who should ensure the continuation. Now, will he do it alone or with another administrator ?It is still too early to tell.

Queen Anastasia is also the administrator of some pages created by Dewayne Corbett. This is how she was found and contacted by Mr. Begley to send the official announcement of the death to the world of micronations.

Like all micronations experiencing the loss of its founder, the question of the very survival of Dewaco Estate arises. Mr. Begley provided some details on this subject. Dewayne's nephew reportedly agreed to take over and to become the next "Lord Imperatior" of the orphaned Imporium. This is pending confirmation, however many micronational friends do hope that it won't the end for Dewayne's country.

Many heads of micronations offered their condolences and tributes to the late leader on social networks, testifying to his benevolent contribution to the Micro-World. He will surely be missed by many.

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