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Austenasia opens its university

Today is the last day to register for the first courses at Austenasia Imperial University. The establishment is finally opening its doors and intends to do so for a good number of years.

The Empire of Austenasia is without context a reference when it comes to micronational knowledge. It is enough to recall that it is indeed thanks to its Monarch, the Emperor Jonathan 1st, that our "Microworld" has the current MicroWiki. We are indeed talking about the most complete encyclopedia on micronations. Although created in May 2005, MicroWiki actually took off following the purchase of its site by Emperor Jonathan 1st, on May 13, 2014. Then the monarch made it evolve by forming an effective team around of him and today, the site registers 4.7 million visitors, indisputable proof of its immense success.

The creation of this university by this great micronation of “knowledge” necessarily takes on its full meaning. This new institution had been planned for many years, but the project had to be postponed for various reasons. The main reasons mentioned are a lack of qualified teachers or a sufficient number of interested students. But the project of this university was never abandoned. Moreover, it was without counting on the current Austenasian Prime Minister, Lord William Wilson, who particularly worked on the definitive creation of the university for this year, with the support of the Minister of Culture, Lord Sander Koff, and of his immediate predecessor, Lord Otto Birch.

Seal of the Austenasia Imperial University

For its opening, the institution will offer four courses - Orthodox Theology, Heraldry and Graphic Design, Economics and Estonian History. These courses will be given from March according to the edition of the Austenasian Times of January 26, 2022. A very specific program which will not find takers among all micronationalists, of course, but it is a start. We can only wish the University to be able to offer other courses in these coming teaching seasons to meet the many expectations. God knows that there are some, which can only stimulate the evolution of this noble project.

We invited His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Jonathan 1st to share his feelings about this achievement and here is what he told our newspaper:

Austenasia Imperial University has been a project for the future during many years now. The time has finally come for that future to happen. We are extremely grateful to the Prime Minister and to the Ministers of Culture whose tremendous work enables the establishment of our University today. I hope it will pave the way for Austenasian education. "

The Imperial University of Austenasia opens its doors to all students, whether Austenasian or not. It is therefore with a universal spirit that this first major micronational university in Austenasia opens. A humanist and fraternal spirit that ultimately echoes that of micronationalism.

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