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A new floating micronation

Dernière mise à jour : 9 févr. 2022

A floating micronation will rise off the coast of Sardinia, in the international waters that separate it from the Balearics.

Several artificial island projects are under consideration around the world.

It will be called Principato di Atlantida, a self-styled principality that will be governed by Aldo Francesco III, aka Aldo Poncini, an italian private investigator and trade unionist. The italian newspaper Il Tempo reported the news lately. ( Link available below this page )

HSH Prince Aldo Francesco III of Atlantida

The italian newspaper Il Tempo brought the news and quoted the words of that Prince aspiring to a small portion of the Mediterranean. Prince Aldo Francesco III has scheduled the proclamation on March 21. On that same day : " We will set up our embassy in Turin and an honorary consulate. This will be made with the support of 28 other micronations ". The list includes Alaska Indipendence, Alto Shwartz, Arvesia. Barbettia, Centumcelle, Ladoland, Namayan, Ourania, Repubblica di Tavil, Regno dei Templari, Stratton, Woodlandia and many more.

Following the experience of Seasteading movement, the Principality will rise on a floating city. "Principato di Atlantida will rise in international waters - the coordinates being 7.30 ° East-40 ° North - on a couple of ships that we have already selected. There are gambling companies, which I cannot name, ready to invest millions. We are finalizing the contracts. What do they gain from it? They will build casino ships without paying taxes. But we also want to attract research institutions to set up floating medical laboratories" explains Poncini-Aldo Francesco III, former policeman from Scurzolengo, in the Asti area, now a detective and president of a small union.

" A Mediterranean Sealand "

" We will be building our floating city with casinos and hospital ships in a couple of years. As Kissinger said, things are done step by step… There will also be the possibility of applying for citizenship", says Poncini who works with a team of about ten people. "I want to create a Mediterranean Sealand ", he claims, " It is a personal challenge that I care above all else, regardless of possible earnings. I know the laws, I know how to stop before the ravine. It is a struggle for freedom ".

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