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The General-Secretary of Microfrancophonie resigns

Duke Geoffrey Mathes announced it yesterday to the micronation members of the organization who all wanted to thank him and congratulate him for his mandate.

His Grace, Duke Geoffrey Mathes, Chancellor of the Prince of Aigues-Mortes, former General-Secretary of Microfrancophonie

The former General-Secretary of Microfrancophonie (OMF) gave the reason: "Different personal and especially family imperatives no longer leave me the time to invest myself as I should within this beautiful Organization."

Duke Geoffrey Mathes announces that he will continue his micronational activity, focusing solely on government affairs in the Principality of Aigues-Mortes, of which he is the Prince's Chancellor.

Duke Geoffrey Mathes during the Blaye summit

After his announcement, the messages of thanks were not long in coming. we find the words "involvement, efficiency, and energy" in the greatest number of them. Under his tenure, the organization grew to 21 micro-nation members. Geoffrey Mathes will have successfully co-organized the 3rd Microfrancophonie Summit in Blaye and he will have improved the dialogue between the organization and a large number of emerging French-speaking micronations.

Following his resignation, the management of the organization is entrusted to Prince Jean-Pierre IV of Aigues-Mortes as High Commissioner of Microfrancophonie. Its role is now to organize the election of the next ruler.

The future General Secretary will have the heavy task of preparing for the 4th OMF summit, but also of initiating and conducting revisions in certain areas of the organization's charter. It is a very engaging function in which the General Secretary must follow irreproachable ethics in the face of his associates. The High Commissioner intends to remind future candidates of this while presenting the electoral process in place.

Initially, applications must be submitted to the High Commissioner by October 15 inclusive. Then the candidates will have until October 31 to present their projects to the member micronations. The elections will then follow with a first round from November 5 to 13, then the 2nd round from November 14 to November 20 this year.

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