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The evolution of YAMOs

Dernière mise à jour : 14 mai 2023

There are countless new micronationalists who, in their burst of creativity, come to propose new micronational groups on social networks or new micronational alliances. These attempts are called by the oldest ones : YAMO (Yet another Micronational organization). They usually have very little chance of achieving real success.

Groups on the Discord platform practice more spontaneous and direct communication than on institutional groups.

It must be understood that micronations mostly are individual creations or the result of small groups of individuals. In a way, we create a micronation to have our own world. Some prefer to retain their full and complete freedom rather than engage in organizations in which they would be imposed principles and positions that they would not necessarily wish to follow. Organizations are therefore very complicated to implement.

It should also be noted that the only organizations that have held up over time are the AMU and the Microfrancophony, two organizations born out of serious conflicts that required a coalition to reach an agreement and/or to defend positions more forcefully.

The Microfrancophonie organization gathered in Blaye (near Bordeaux) for its 3rd summit. This gathering had been organized by the Principality of Helianthis.

For some time now, young micronationalists have been using new platforms such as “Discord”. There are many more groups there today than on the traditional original Facebook network. It is therefore towards these new applications that YAMOs proliferate.

On Facebook, the groups of micronations often administered by the historical micronations resist even if the exchanges and the debates are no longer really topical. We can see that the posts are published by the same people most of the time and that the few comments and "likes" show a lack of interest or a weariness that it would be good to take into consideration to relaunch the dialogue and a dynamic.

There remains, however, a very appreciable aspect within the historical groups on Facebook, it is the restraint of the words. In these spaces, diplomacy is in order, if not, beware of the entire community. The blocking of the Emperor of Stormaria amplifying disdain is a very good example of this.

Faced with this, the young micronationalists on discord seem more dynamic and enjoy total freedom of speech, which inevitably leads to heated and reprehensible exchanges from time to time. This is where discord groups cannot compete in terms of institutionalism. To be taken seriously and become “A place to be”, you must first gain prestige which can only be obtained through respect and the ability to have it observed by everyone.

The Microcon is one of the rare opportunities for micronational meetings between generations.

YAMOs therefore have good days ahead of them with the new, more permissive trading platforms. However, they cannot be considered as institutions in which we find the pioneers of micronationalism. Everyone will make their choice according to the prestige and respect they wish to obtain from others for their micronation.

It would be ideal, however, to find in the institutional groups a quality of dialogue that the administrators would do well to better stimulate to avoid the boredom and indifference increasingly observed in their group. Stand up the wises !

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Adam Belcher
Adam Belcher
Jun 07, 2023

It is worth considering the Grand Unified Micronational, which is almost as old as the AMU (and therefore is not really a YAMO), but now operates on Discord with a mixture of younger and older delegates, whilst remaining a professional institution.

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