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Stephen Luke, Start of term interview

Since 2017, the Commonwealth of Dracul quickly stood out as one of the most promising emerging micronations.

HE Mr Stephen Luke, President of the Commonwealth of Dracul

The micronation already stood up thanks to its communication that is always particularly well done. It publishes press releases always faithful to a sophisticated graphic charter and its news of its national channel Dracul 1 presents a media signature that has nothing to envy to major american broadcasters like CNN or ABC.

it is mainly thanks to Luke's "2021 Micronation Workshop", a web conference, that Dracul has entered the big leagues. At the time, the young micronation had succeeded in bringing together big names in micronationalism such as President Kevin Baugh of Molossia, Grand Dukes Niels of Flandrensis and Travis of Westarctica or Prince Frei of Lorenzburg, among other great names.

Mr. Stephen Luke was elected new President of Dracul on november 9th, 2021. A no surprise victory as he was at the origin of a few successful initiaves which led his micronation towards its current rise. wanted to interview this head of state at the start of his mandate. A new leader who is clearly not lacking in ambition and creativity for his country.

A Bit expected but always interesting, what brought you to micronationalism ?

Micronationalism came to me in 2017, when I was on youtube and I noticed several vice news videos covering the topic. After watching the videos I realized that it was a great opportunity to make a new community, both in person and online, with a specific type of admiration (the study and history of Vlad Tepes). My co-founder Dmitri Howie appreciated the idea and we decided together that we'd launch Dracul.

" They saw our passion and professionalism and said "let's give these guys a chance ".

Queen Elisabeth the second once orientated her entire speech on inspiration. Indeed, being inspired can help us inspiring others. When you started your micronational project with Dracul, which micronationalists or micronations inspired you most and why ?

I often attribute my inspiration to individuals like Sealand for proving that micronations can in fact work, but even more so to individuals like His Royal Highness Travis of Westarctica. Had a real good start with His Royal Highness Nicholas of Flandrensis too, as both of them greatly contributed to our success and gave us a chance. They saw our passion and professionalism and said "let's give these guys a chance". For that, we are certainly grateful for.

From abroad, everyone knew you much better than the former President. It already looked like Dracul was more your baby than anyone else. Is there any particular reason that made you not becoming the first President ?

Luke modeling off Dracul’s first official Air Patrol uniform in April 2020.

As the primary founder of Dracul, I didn't want all the glory to myself. I wanted to give someone else the opportunity to running something magnificent as Dracul. That is why I chose Howie as the first president and he certainly was on board with the idea. Unfortunately, due to his health and ongoing issues in life, his Presidency was not as successful as we wanted it to be. It was nothing personal, but I told him it might be better for him to be in the background until his issues were under control. Sometimes you just can't help those things in life.

Your micronation is young but it was quickly noticed as a high potential. What are your goals for Dracul within the coming years ?

Creating a cryptocurrency for Dracul is definitely one of our largest goals we've been in talks about. We'd like to grow on citizenship as well, but in addition to that citizenship activity. We want to offer those who come to Dracul something more to do than just those locally. Community service to the macronational community, such as my new homelessness awareness campaign is definitely a great way to start off the new year.

There are many summits and galas on the way this year, do you plan to attend one of them? After your cyber-summit experience, do you think about making another or maybe a physical one ?

I feel that microsummits are definitely important. I certainly would like to attend one in the future, however I'm not sure when I'd be able to attend with the things in my personal life at the moment. I do intend on sending representation to one of them, to tell others more about us and represent us physically. I probably wouldn't make one myself, but would encourage others to do so, especially for those who cannot travel long distances.

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