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Navasse, example of diversity

Is the "Micro-world" so different from the one we live in? One could expect a flourishing diversity and yet it is still very timid. However, the few micronations that are working on it do it in a remarkable way, some of them using a lot of creativity. Here is a good example.

Her Majesty, Marie-Adelina de la Ferrière, Queen of Navasse

Let's start by quoting one of the very first micronations to have made itself known for communitarian reasons: The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands. Created by Australian LGBTQ+ activists in 2004, this micronation emerged as a protest against the Australian government's refusal to legalize same-sex marriage that year. Following this context, its dissolution was proclaimed in 2017 when it was finally the case.

The death of one micronation giving birth to another, we have arrived in the Kingdom of Navasse (formerly Legiàlle) which was founded on September 13, 2017 by Marie-Adelina de la Ferrière, its Sovereign. Claiming the small island of Navasse and a few other uninhabited territories between Haiti and Jamaica, this Kingdom is the latest in a long micronational history that began no more and no less in the Caribbean with piracy. But this is not its only originality because the founder of this micronation is none other than a transgender person of color. A singularity in a Micro-world where the Western male gender still remains the vast majority today. Pioneer of diversity in a universe that needed so much, we wanted to ask Queen Marie-Adelina de Navasse about her experience.

How would you define Navasse as a micronation?

“It is difficult to define Navasse because we are still in its infancy. There is indeed a vision and a high objective on how I wish to see Navasse evolve in the years to come, although often the reality I'm catching up and I have to constantly readjust. It should also be noted that we are dealing with the micronational aspect on the one hand and the commercial aspect on the other because our Kingdom is registered as a company in the United States where I reside. All this is done together with my friends who constitute the Royal Court. It is in this particular context that I hope to lead all the citizens of Navasse to move forward."

Queen Marie-Adelina is a local figurehead of the LGBTQ+ community in which she is involved.

As Queen of Navasse, what priority do you give to your role?

" You have to have a careful balance between governance facing realities and protocol. The latter can sometimes seem a little intimidating but I am definitely the opposite of what people expect of a Sovereign. In the world of micronations, I I feel this uniqueness more when I compare myself to other leaders, but I find that the person I am can be interpreted as the ultimate symbol of my country using its strength, wisdom and courage against all odds. "

What are Navasse's objectives for 2022?

" We have opened the office of the Navassian delegation in Rochester, New York. This organization will allow us to make our political positions known and to moderately develop our commercial operations. This includes the Flower City Queens event ( flowercityqueens .com ), which on our royal initiative will celebrate one of the oldest drag queen beauty pageants in the United States. "

Having now had a few years of experience with micronationalism, what is your analysis and what message would you like to convey to other micronations in the world?

" We can't do everything from day one. Building a nation, whatever its size, is a constantly evolving project as well as a constant questioning. The important thing is to never forget why we started it at the start."

On its site, the Kingdom of Navasse focuses its activity on 6 key areas: The honor of Haitian culture and art, the fight against climate change and for access to better education for disadvantaged children, the promotion LGBTQ+ rights, improving the status of women and encouraging intercultural dialogue.

For this, Queen Marie-Adelina and the members of her royal court organize events to raise funds. The Kingdom of Navasse is the 3rd micronation across the Atlantic to join the Microfrancophonie organization because French is one of the 3 official languages ​​with English and Navasse Creole. Its motto is "Strength, knowledge and value", three pillars directly inscribed from Creole roots and the desire to "never lower our eyes out of shame at being what we are" to use Her Majesty's own words. Long live the Queen !

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