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MicroCon 2023, a resolutely more international edition with an undeniable touch of elegance.

The city of Joliet near Chicago. ready to become the center of the micronations world during MicroCon 2023

The MicroCon event is fast approaching. gives you a summary of what to remember before this 2023 edition. First of all, 2023 will be the first year the conference will be hosted in North America and Europe. The two conferences will not follow the same program and here is what to remember for the American version of this MicroCon. The appointment is set in Joliet near Chicago from June 30 to July 2. It is organized by the Royal Republic of Ladonia. We will publish another article for the European edition in July as the conference is planned in August. Here is the announced program :

Thursday , June 29 between 7PM and 10.30PM. A welcome reception will be held. Guests should wear casual. The organizers have planned snacks, beverages, wings and a micronational trivia to entertain the delegates.

Friday, June 30 will be a day to socialize with the organization of the Nemean Games, the Tour route 66 and a moment in the afternoon to set up your table display or your poster presentation.

The diplomatic reception will then take place in the evening announcing the beginning of the serious bit. Dress code is formal on this occasion. Beside the traditional reception activities of this kind, garden games and photo opportunities will be proposed to the delegates.

Saturday, July 1 is the D-Day . Conference check-in will be open between 8AM and 9AM. Then the conference will start from 9AM to 4.15PM. The program details of the conference is being finalized as we publish this article. The organizers remind that if anyone wants to submit an academic paper for the program, there is still one week before conference program is sending to print.

The convention hall at the Holiday inn hosting the conference

If it is your first MicroCon: Be prepared! Conference day is a marathon for all delegates. After this long and nourishing day comes two other big times that no-one would ever miss.

First, the awardsapalooza, a new thing in MicroCon. This moment is seen as the first part of the MicroCon Gala. It has been put in place by the organizers to keep the evening gala rolling. Awards and honors may be presented during this time instead of during the dinner. Guests will also have a backdrop available for photos. It will be held just before the Gala at 6.30PM. Don’t be late in case someone has planned to stick a medal on your chest!

Then, let’s move on to the MicroCon Gala. For such an event, the dress code can only be ultra-formal and wearing regalia will be appropriate. As the evening is hosted by Her Majesty Queen Carolyn of Ladonia, guests who were granted the Order of the Hesperides must were this high Ladonian order instead of their national one. That is an elementary rule of international protocole! Other guests may of course were their national one. The Gala is due to terminate at 11.30PM and and this is the subject of very careful attention. Just for the making of the central pieces, the Royal House ordered 250 roses.

Her Majesty Queen Carolyn of Ladonia has a long experience with micro-national meetings and galas worldwide. (This Photo of Her Majesty was taken during the Gala du Godet d'Or 2022 in Aigues-Mortes.)

The last moment of this important gathering of micronationalists will be Sunday, July 2. Guests will be proposed to join a friendly-yet-competitive bowling. The organizers will announce more details in due time and they want to get it on your radar so far.

MicroCon 2023 is already promising with a record number of attendees (104) between 41 delegations. This edition also marks an important step beyond. Indeed, it will be the first time that a South American micronation will attend together with several micronations from the Microfrancophonie and Europe. Her Majesty Queen Carolyn, hostess of MicroCon 2023 can therefore congratulate herself on having given an international impetus to this conference which was mainly attended by American micronations on previous editions. will be present on site to give you a report on this 2023 edition.

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