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Emperor-King Oscar brings people together

Residing in the megalopolis of Sao Paulo in Brazil, the Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia has today become the benchmark micronational leader in Latin America where his micronation experiences the fastest development.

Emperor-King Oscar of Karnia-Ruthenia and Emperor of Occidia

This remarkable progress was made on the ability of the Monarch to federate around him. Indeed, his vision of a federalism inspired by the Austro-Hungarian model was able to seduce and convince. therefore wanted to question this emblematic leader of micronationalism on the current evolution of his micronation and micronationalism after a few years of experience.

How micronationalism is growing in South America and your projects in the future for Karnia-Ruthenia?

" Much of modern practice of micronationalism are well developed in South America, where micronations usually pursue a more serious exercise of the activity, establishing functioning governments and active parliaments. Today, we in South America are developing a more active presence in international community, what helps us to better understand micronationalism as an universal movement, more than an isolated tribe of people with an exotic hobby.

" Our population increased by is a lot to deal with "

For the Empire, our future focuses on our internal activity for the coming months. We had a lot of changes last December and needed to formalize some new endeavors. In fact, our population increased 10% between 10 and 30 December, all active people. It is a lot to deal with. "

Being the Emperor of Occidia too, how do you manage to concile with this double ruling?

" Well, it was a challenging position, in fact, but destiny helped me last December. Occidia, despite being a monarchy, was a region of a larger micronation, the Grand Republic of Delvera. Since August 2020, when I assumed this another crown, the three micronations developed a very strong relation, with several similar approaches in different areas and we decided to work together as a single micronation. Now, both Occidia and Delvera are constituent states of the Empire and they enriched us a lot with their expertise. "

" A kind of communitarian art "

What excites you most in micronationalism?

" I believe the most interesting thing in micronationalism is the possibilities to put in practice a vision for a perfect country, or state, or world, depending on your point of view. It is the freedom to develop an idea of perfection that needs to be worked and developed every single day with the blessing to, albeit initially a very personal point of view, still being able to find people all over the world that think similar to you and helped you to build this. It is a kind of communitarian art, I guess. "

Looking at your micronational life today, what makes you most proud of?

" I'm proud of several achievements, for sure, but the most interesting achievement that I can recall now is to have read in our last mention in the macronational media that we are the "Karno-Ruthenian people", we are a people. That's I wanted: we, people from different countries, background, languages, faith, experiences, we all merged into a common idea to be part of a common group. We transcended the idea to be a mere group configured to like a government to something more palpable, more powerful yet also more hard to define, more spiritual. Looking back, I'm not sure if I seriously considered the idea to create a nation, and having this mention of someone saying that we may achieve that is something to be proud of. "

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