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A new President for the Saugeais

Friday March 18, 2022 is now a historic date for the Republic of Saugeais.

This date marks the transfer of power between former President Georgette Bertin-Pourchet and the new President, Mr. Simon Marguet.

The former President Georgette Bertin-Pourchet and the new President, Mr. Simon Marguet.

It's a small revolution, but above all a real relief that took place this weekend in Montbenoît, capital of the famous Republic of Saugeais. Since its creation in 1947, the micronation has known only the Pourchet family at its head. The first President of the Republic was Mr. Georges Pourchet, the innkeeper behind the foundation of the micronation. When he died in 1968, his wife took over and became the second to preside over the country. This lady was called Gabrielle Pourchet. For many in the Saugeais, this President was a dynamic woman with a sense of humor and an extraordinary repartee. She died in 2006, leaving the presidency to her daughter, Madame Georgette Bertin-Pourchet.

Today, Mrs. Bertin-Pourchet is 88 years old and says she is too tired to continue her duties. Having no successors in her family wishing to replace her, the President turned to her Prime Minister, Mr. Simon Marguet to take over. The man has been a citizen of the Republic from an early age. He is known and appreciated by all because he ran the service station and sold bicycles and mopeds. Man has seen all generations circulate. Detail which is important, Mr. Simon Marguet was also the Mayor of Montbenoît.

Madame Bertin-Pourchet consulted several high dignitaries and many citizens of her Republic before taking the decision to offer her the august position. Mr. Simon Marguet therefore became President by consultation and not by vote, without this being contested by anyone.

It is above all excellent news for this former micronation which thus ensures its continuity. After the drama of Hutt River, the advanced age of Madame Bertin-Pourchet worried many micronationalists about the sustainability of the Saugeais. This is resolved today.

Mr. Simon Marguet took office on Friday evening, during a ceremony organized in Montbenoît. He is the fourth head of state of Saugeais to take office and the first not to be from the founding family. We wish him a happy presidential term, the duration of which is currently unknown.

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