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A MicroCon full of youth and tolerance

The micronational conference left a lot of room for young people under the benevolent eye of its hostess, Queen Carolyn of Ladonia.

Many young micronationalists were able to speak this year.

In the audience, we notice a large number of teenagers and young adults showing creativity, enthusiasm and originality. Like the old ones, they wear beautiful uniforms dressed to the nines, exhibit well-constructed presentations and intervene without fear on the subjects that are close to their hearts such as the female question in Micronationalism or the fight against transphobia. This youth sees in micronationalism a space of tolerance in which they can express themselves without being confronted with the most usual prejudices. The MicroCon audience confirms this feeling by being attentive and caring towards the young speakers.

If micronational youth show their taste for commitment and the fight against inequalities. The old guard is always there to remind the very essence of micronationalism: humor. This humor which even turns out to be one of the sources of the success of iconic micronations according to the presentation of the very illustrious Emperor Eric of the American Empire. Humor can also be found in the crazy intervention of Baron Rankin McGillivray de Mars, which received bursts of laughter and sustained applause from the public. When it comes to humour, the long-awaited Sultan of Slowjamastan was not lacking.

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Eric gave a very informative presentation in which he points to humor as a common factor in all micronations that have lasted over time.

It is often said that to debate intelligently, it is often more important to listen in order to understand than to seek arguments to impose a point of view. It is precisely in this state of mind that the interventions and exchanges occur throughout this MicroCon which could give a great lesson in diplomacy, respect and humanism to a large number of Heads of State who govern.

During this MicroCon, King Emmanuel of Amenothia intervened to recall in turn the strength of micronationalism which is the union and fraternity that micronations must maintain among themselves. For this, he relied on a metaphor of the grain of sand: “Even if we are only a grain of sand individually, when we come together, we become a beach resistant to the waves. »

His Royal Highness, Prince Philip of Pibocip

Between the humor so dear to the elders and the great causes of micronational youth, micronationalism has found its balance through what has been very well described by Prince Philippe of Pibocip: The intention to work for the common good. This first speaker had the merit of laying the common foundations of micronationalism in his presentation. The common good is indeed an aspiration shared by all micronationalists, often eager to create a country, a world, a collective space in which they project their vision of an ideal society. The conference ended with a series of questions and answers from the audience, followed by the traditional presentation of medals and distinctions which proved particularly generous for President Kevin Baugh of Molossia and Queen Carolyn of Ladonia.

The hostess of this MicroCon 2023 can be congratulated for having so well orchestrated the interventions and exchanges throughout this conference with the benevolence that we know from her. Asked about her choice to host the event at home this year, Her Majesty felt that it was her turn to take on the responsibility of organizing this major bi-annual event. There is no doubt for the participants of this edition that the Queen did things with passion and the intention of pleasing her micronationalist friends.

Duke Jordan Farmer of the Bear Peninsula, President of the Micronational Hall of Excellence and Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess Juliana of Ruritania

The MicroCon 2023 conference ended with a very friendly gala during which the Micronational Hall of Excellence in the person of Mr. Jordan Farmer, awarded the prestigious Norton to their majesties Queen Carolyn of Ladonia and Queen Anastasia of Ruritania. Queen Anastasia's Norton was presented to her daughter, Her Royal Highness, Grand Duchess Juliana who represented her.

Queen Anastasia, an unconditional participant and organizer of the Atlanta edition in 2017, was unable to travel to Chicago this year for health reasons. Her Majesty received a heartfelt and touching tribute from Duke Jordan and Grand Duchess Juliana. The whole micronational community wishes her a good recovery.

Very moved while posing with her family, Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica and Prince Jean-Pierre IV of Aigues-Mortes, Queen Carolyn embodied Ladonia and the order of hesperides with all her superbness and infinite grace.

Elegance was in order for the attendees and Queen Carolyn could not hold back some signs of emotion. Resolutely human despite her great mastery of protocol, Her Majesty was visibly very touched by all the enthusiasm and all the support she received last night.

" A next bilingual MicroCon in 2025 "

Emperor Eric and Princess Chloe announcing the successful bid for MicroCon 2025 in Montreal

This closing gala evening held another great surprise with the announcement of the hosts of the next MicroCon in North America. The latter will take place in Montreal, Canada and will be jointly organized by the American Empire, the Neugraviat of Saint-Castin, and the Principality of Sancratosie. It was His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Eric and Her Serene Highness, Princess Chloe who had the pleasure of breaking the news to the gathering. An announcement made in English and French to set the tone and color of what will be a first bilingual gathering. Everything suggests that the MicroCon is continuing its international and multicultural vocation after a first European edition desired by Queen Queen Carolyn of Ladonia and organized by Grand Duke Nicholas of Flandrensis.

Good bye Chicago, Bonjour Montréal and See you soon Ypres!


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