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PoliNation finally comes back!

It has been 8 years since the last PoliNation conference was organized in Gubbio (Italy) by the Free Republic of Alcatraz. Next year, this major micronational event will finally make its return under the supervision of Emperor George of Atlantium. gives you the interview of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor George, founder of PoliNation.

The historic Carrington Hotel at Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia. The prestigious house has been chosen to host the next PoliNation in 2024.

M.I : The last time Your Imperial Majesty hosted PoliNation was in 2012 in London. How do you feel about hosting this huge event 11 years later?

HIM Emperor George : " The most recent PoliNation conference was in Perugia, at the Free Republic of Alcatraz, in 2015. Despite organising the event I was unfortunately unable to attend on that occasion for personal reasons. Since then the academic I previously worked with retired (Dr Judy Lattas of Macquarie University, Sydney).

More recently I’ve begun working with a new generation of Australian academics with an interest in micronations – specifically Dr Harry Hobbs and Professor Philip Hayward – both from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Professor Hayward is the founder of the academic journal Shima, which regularly publishes scholarly papers on the subject of micronations.

Dr Hobbs and a colleague from the University of New South Wales, Professor George Williams, co-authored two books about micronations (one academic and one general-interest) over the last couple of years, and I got to know them as a consequence of the resulting media attention – so the time seemed right to consider putting together a 4th PoliNation conference. "

M.I : What are your goals and objectives with this edition to come ?

HIM Emperor George : " The goal of PoliNation is to change the public conversation around micronations. Since the 1960s much of the media reportage about micronations has focused on right-wing libertarian projects, so in the public mind micronations have been associated with anti-tax, anti-social, reactionary, dysfunctional utopian failures.

Alternatively the media have focused on the more “whacky” and frivolous end of the micronation spectrum. PoliNation seeks to present a broader picture of what micronations are and can be by drawing together academics from around the world whose researches have examined the subject in some detail, while at the same time giving micronation leaders of substance a voice on the same stage. This lends credibility to the activities of both academics and micronation leaders, and attracts the attention of the international media in a more positive way."

HIM Emperor George of Atlantium

M.I : To make it a successful event, what is the main challenge you need to focus on?

HIM Emperor George : " In order for the event to be a success we need to cover our costs– so in practical terms we need at least fifty paying delegates to attend. In addition we need to ensure a good balance between micronation leaders and academics – and even members of the general public. We also need to ensure a high level of attention from the media."

M. I : When and how people will be able to register?

HIM Emperor George : "We will be setting up a website in the next couple of months at"

The polination conference is the most academic micronational meeting. The event is also one of the very first gatherings of micronationalists on a global scale. The 2024 edition will return to Australia in the charming town of Katoomba. The event will take place on Wednesday 2nd - Thursday 3rd of October 2024. For further information until the website becomes fully operational, you can contact the emperor with this email: .

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