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A successful jubilee

The principality of Hélianthis located near Bordeaux in France celebrated its 10th anniversary last weekend.

HSH the Prince-Reigning Vincent 1st of Hélianthis

As we have often seen in several articles, micronations do not always do things according to established codes or in the predefined order of ancestral customs. The principality of Helianthis in turn demonstrates this by crowning its prince 10 years after his accession to the throne. Better late than never and the party that was given this weekend was well worth those 10 years of preparation.

Faithful to its status and concept of micronation of terroir, the principality of Hélianthis has called on local craftsmen from the region of Blaye, the Hélianthan capital located north of Bordeaux. The regalia, including the crown, as well as the ceremonial clothes of Prince Vincent I were designed on site. For the music, the Berson Concert Band also joined the ceremony.

The coronation took place in the Convent of the Minims, one of the principality's heritage jewels. The event was open to the public and the Blaye tourist office promoted it with posters. The representatives of the 16 micronations present rubbed shoulders with locals and tourists who came to see this coronation with kindness and curiosity.

The Château de Vauban poster for the Elegance evening in partnership with the Principality of Hélianthis

In the evening, the festivities continued in partnership with the Château Marquis de Vauban. This wine château organizes evening shows and the Principality of Hélianthis had the very good idea of ​​proposing a partnership on the occasion of its jubilee. For micronations that do not have the means to self-finance such events, the solution of partnership is most inspiring. It's a win-win situation allowing the organizer to have a good batch of reservations which will be guaranteed by the partner micronation and the partner micronation finds itself relieved of the event organization which often turns out to be very expensive. It is also a way of joining forces to promote a territory without great risk for the organizer, who can always sell the remaining places to his customers.

On these good bases, Prince Vincent 1st was able to offer his friends a jubilant party worthy of the name with a music-hall show and even pyrotechnics to top it all off. The micronational guests were mostly from micronations established in France with the exception of the princely couple of Shedingeh, who had traveled from Italy. Everyone left delighted with this day of celebration. For the principality of Hélianthis, this was its second major event after having organized and hosted the 3rd summit of the MicroFrancophonie, the organization of French-speaking micronations.

This jubilee will have been well thought out and demonstrates that a modest micronation, moreover, can carry out beautiful events to reveal itself in broad daylight. It's all about knowing how to find the right partners. In the case of the jubilee of the Principality of Hélianthis, partnerships have been made with the local public authorities, voluntary associations and a business. All this to lead to successful festivities.

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